Political Propaganda Is The Road To Decline!

“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.” — Benjamin Franklin, 1722

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Grassroots Action Will Defeat Corporate Control

There's strength in numbers when combined with forceful action. Advertising is the core stream of revenue for media conglomerates.  The listening audience, measured through ratings, is the key to advertising pricing scales.  Fewer viewers/listeners mean lower ad rates, and, a lower overall viability of the media outlet

Local Control of Media Outlets Means YOU!

You can do your part to tell everyone you know, meaning, those who don't know what you know, about how negative impacts from corporate control of media will impact you and your livelihood.  Your thoughts, driven through media, are the pathways to your actions, your habits, and the lives we all lead.

Check Your Area for Sinclair TV And Radio Outlets

When you see/hear ads in your area TV or radio station, listed in the link on the  WE NEED MARKET INFO page, before avoiding them entirely, first....

1-Make a list of the advertisers you see or hear on their outlets.  

2-Contact these advertisers and inform them that they will no longer have YOUR BUSINESS if they continue to advertise on Channel XX TV or WXXX/KXXX radio.  

3-Send THE LETTER BELOW to area businesses who advertise on Sinclair media.

4-Submit all advertisers to this site, using the 'Contact Us' area below, for accumulation and display for the benefit of others.

5-Check this site regularly for updates and information.


It's all up to you.


Gauge advertiser reactions. PLEASE SEND US THE ADVERTISERS

Submit Advertisers Here!


#BoycotSinclairBroadcasting TODAY!